Preparing for the Hunt

Preparing for the Hunt

Hunting season is here for many of you across different regions, and it's coming soon for the rest. Whether you are hunting waterfowl, big game, turkey, whitetail, or upland, you need to prepare for when it's show time. I am always building for the next hunt and for whatever rough country I find myself in.

My 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD-Off Road has been my workhorse throughout all of the outdoor and off-road adventures I have had. I use this rig constantly during hunting season, specifically for waterfowl. It's a continual process of building and adapting to my environments and the conditions I experience. Pulling boats, wet gear, dirty dogs, mud, snow, and operating in the dark are just a few challenges hunters face during the season. With Rough Country's product selection, I have been able to level up my truck and eliminate some of the headaches associated with hunting season.

Toyota Tacoma TRD-Off RoadToyota Tacoma TRD-Off Road

I have a few Rough Country upfits on my rig that I absolutely love. First, there is the Roof Rack With 40" LED Black Series Light Bar. It's a great way to add more storage space while still being able to see what you're doing when you're off-roading. The High Clearance Front Bumper With 20" Black Series LED Light Bar is another great addition to my vehicle. It helps keep me safe while I'm exploring and gives me an additional light source to help me see what's around me. And with the 8-Panel Multiple Light Controller, I can easily control the lights with a single touch.

roof rack, light barroof rack, light bar

When my truck needed a lift, I knew it had to be done right. That's why I went with the 3.5" Vertex Adjustable Lift & Shock System. This system offers 3.5" of lift, which can be adjusted to provide more or less lift, depending on your needs. With this system, I get plenty of height to run my tire and wheel combo of 285/70/R17 BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 tires with 17x9 -12mm offset KMC Mesa wheels. I also added some nice-looking aesthetics with red calipers that pop through the wheels when they're in motion.

Vertex Adjustable Lift, 3.5-Inch lift, Goodrich Mud-Terrain, red calipers Vertex Adjustable Lift, 3.5-Inch lift, Goodrich Mud-Terrain, red calipers

In the back, I have a 2" Class III Multi-Ball Adjustable Hitch that allows me to haul different trailers with different size receivers and a set of recovery boards, aka Traction Boards. If you're stuck in a situation where you need to dig yourself out, you can place these under whichever tire is stuck and be able to get yourself out. I also have our new Molle Rack System in the truck's bed, which allows you to save on space. The paneling is on each side and the front paired with our new Molle Mounts, allowing you to mount gear, lights, and anything extra you want to keep organized.

Adjustable Hitch, Traction Boards, Molle Rack SystemAdjustable Hitch, Traction Boards, Molle Rack System

Hunting, for me, is more than just the hunt results. It is immersing myself in the process and environments that teach me, develop me, and build a greater appreciation of being an outdoorsman. Selecting the right gear for a hunt and setting up your rig depends on many factors, but having a systematic mindset can make all the difference. My build is a system that lets me dominate any terrain with style and function. These products complement each other and are on brand with my style. Building your rig isn't just about throwing components together; getting them tailored specifically towards YOU is also important. When building for the hunt, preparation never stops. The better we prepare, the better we perform. So, no matter what vehicle you drive or what type of hunting you enjoy, Rough Country has the products to get you the build you need. For more details on the products in this post, visit our YouTube page at:

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