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Preston Price's 1993 Ford F-150: The Truck That Won't Quit


October 7, 2022




Preston's brother first owned the truck, and after it had been in two accidents, it was left to sit. When Preston was 13 years old, he started saving money to rebuild the truck. He managed to replace the bumper and headlights before the truck was stolen shortly after Thanksgiving that year. It was found on Christmas day and then stolen again soon after. It took three years for Preston to find it again, and realizing this was no ordinary truck, he set out on a new mission to rebuild it.

1993 Ford F1501993 Ford F150

Growing up around truck shows and 4x4 jamborees, he was used to seeing older trucks lifted high off the ground. So when it came time to modify the F-150, he knew exactly what he wanted. He added a 6' Rough County Block Lift to get the look he wanted. He also added extended brake lines and 2-inch sway bar drop brackets to ensure his truck could handle the extra height.

1993 Ford F1501993 Ford F150

His favorite modification has been the steering stabilizer. A good steering stabilizer is a must-have for any vehicle with a lift, especially if you're doing any daily driving. Preston added a single steering stabilizer for the ride quality but soon upgraded to a double shock stabilizer. This gave him even more stability and control over his vehicle.

Ford F-150Ford F-150

Preston is the type of guy who likes to take on projects himself. After all, he went to college for automotive engineering and now works as a Ford technician. He also has some advantages that most people don't have - like access to a lift and plenty of knowledgeable friends to ask for help if needed. But even so, he found the job reasonably easy, thanks to detailed instructions. When asked what his plans were for additional modifications, Preston replied, "I plan on doing a bigger lift with an axle swap, or if Rough County were to come out with an 8' lift for my truck, I would do that. I plan on adding new shocks, a dual steering stabilizer soon, and maybe some rock lights."

Ford F-150Ford F-150

Preston Price's 1993 Ford F150 is more than just a truck; it symbolizes resilience and determination. Although it has been through some hard times, the F150 has managed to keep going. Part of this is due to Preston's dedication to maintaining the truck and keeping it in good condition. Thanks to Preston's hard work, this vehicle will be able to stay on the road for many years to come.

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