Taking the Bronco to the Beach

Taking the Bronco to the Beach

What can make being at the beach in the panhandle of Florida soaking up the sun, sand, waves, and trails better? A Bronco up-fitted by Rough Country. My wife (Heather), and my daughter (Lucy), took Rough Country's 2021 Velocity Blue Ford Bronco down to Santa Rosa Beach and 30A for a few days to do just that. This Ford Bronco is the test rig we use at Rough Country's HQ in Tennessee to develop and research new products for the Bronco line. With its unique style and impressive performance, this rig took our experiences and travels to a new level.

For my family, the 30A stretch has always been a go-to destination for beach vacations, just like it is for many others. From Destin to Panama City Beach, you'll find many great public beaches, good food, and an overall cool culture. For those looking for adventure, there are plenty of trails in the area to satisfy your craving—whether you want to get off-road on four wheels, two wheels, or just your feet.

2021 Blue Ford Bronco2021 Blue Ford Bronco
2021 Ford Bronco2021 Ford Bronco

Over the years, we've gotten to know these trails pretty well, so we never go down there without driving through some of our favorite spots. Point Washington State Forest has a stretch of roads that take you straight through the heart of the forest for a beautiful drive in the outdoors and on sandy trails. We had no problems navigating our way with the protype 5” Coilovers with external reservoirs, High Clearance Front Bumper, and light set-up on this rig. You can learn more about those trails by visiting Florida's State Forest website.

2021 Ford Bronco, Point Washington State Forest2021 Ford Bronco, Point Washington State Forest
Ford Bronco,Point Washington State ForestFord Bronco,Point Washington State Forest

When we weren't riding trails, we spent our time on the beach and in the water. We rented paddle boards for a day, and I highly recommend this activity to anyone looking to get active, stay fit, and connect with nature. Driving with the top down on the Bronco makes transporting your boards fast and easy. When we were ready to go, it was easy to just load the boards on top and head out. This ride has no problem carrying the load and looking good while doing it!

2021 Ford Bronco, paddle boards2021 Ford Bronco, paddle boards
Florida, paddle board, Ford BroncoFlorida, paddle board, Ford Bronco

Spending time at the beach is one of the best ways to relax and enjoy the summer weather. However, lugging gear to the beach can be a real pain. So we maximized our experience using the Rough Country Backpack Cooler and Waterproof Duffle Bag. These handy bags allowed us to easily carry everything we needed for a day at the beach, including food, drinks, and extra clothes. Best of all, they kept everything cold, dry, and sand-free.

Rough Country CoolerRough Country Cooler
Rough Country Beach CoolerRough Country Beach Cooler

The Rough Country suspension kit and accessories were the perfect addition to this Bronco build for our trip. They helped make the journey more comfortable and relaxing while adding additional protection to the vehicle. Whether you're heading to the beach or the backcountry, Rough Country has you covered. With everything from suspension systems to winches and beyond, we can help equip you with the right gear so that you can focus on having fun.

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