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Winching 101: Essential Do's and Don'ts for Safe Recovery


March 24, 2023




Choosing a Winch

Do: Use the right winch for your vehicle: Make sure that the winch you are using is rated for the weight of your vehicle. Using an undersized winch can lead to equipment failure and accidents.

Don't: Never exceed the weight limit: Never exceed the weight limit of the winch or the rated capacity of the rigging equipment.

Jeep WinchJeep Winch
UTV WinchUTV Winch
Photo By: Chase Cherubini


Do: Inspect the equipment: Before starting the winching process, inspect all the equipment to make sure that it is in good condition. For example, check the winch cable or rope, winch motor, and battery to verify they are all functioning correctly.

 Don't: Never use a frayed winch cable or rope: A frayed winch cable/rope can snap under tension and cause serious injury. If you notice any fraying, replace the cable/rope before winching.

2020 Jeep Gladiator Mojave 2020 Jeep Gladiator Mojave
Photo By: Chaz McDonald
JL RubiconJL Rubicon

Use Proper Techniques

Do: Use proper rigging techniques to avoid damage to the environment and ensure safety. Use tree savers, recovery straps, and metal recovery rings to reduce the stress on the winch cable or rope.

 Don't: Don't winch on a steep incline: Winching on a steep incline can cause the vehicle to roll or slide, leading to accidents and injuries.

Tree StrapTree Strap
Recovery RingsRecovery Rings


Do: Keep a safe distance: Stay clear of the winch cable or rope while it is under tension. The winch cable/rope can snap under high tension and cause serious injury.

Don't: Don't use the winch as a lifting device: Never use the winch to lift or suspend a vehicle. The winch is designed to pull vehicles, not lift them.

Razor WinchRazor Winch
Tree SaverTree Saver

When it comes to winching, safety always comes first! Remember that taking shortcuts or overlooking safety measures can have serious consequences, so always err on the side of caution. So, before your next big adventure, brush up on your winching skills - and refer to our guide for some essential safety do's and don'ts.

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