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Your Choices in Truck Bed Covers

The truck bed cover you want is a personal decision. What do you value more? Comfort? Protection from debris and water? Ease of access to your bed? Privacy? The options are overwhelming, but we have a guide to help make your decision easier

If you're the proud owner of a truck, then you know that it's not just a regular vehicle - it's a lifestyle. And like any other aspect of your lifestyle, it's important to make sure you have the right equipment to outfit your ride. One of the most crucial pieces of equipment is the truck bed cover. So, how do you choose the right one? Read on to find out!

soft tri-fold bed coversoft tri-fold bed cover

Soft Roll-Up Cover

Choosing a tonneau cover doesn't mean you need to give up your truck bed's functionality. Rough Country's low-profile Soft Roll-Up Truck Bed Cover keeps the contents of your bed clean and dry while allowing full bed access when you need it. One of the primary advantages of a roll-up tonneau cover is its ease of use. Simply roll the cover-up for access to your bed.  The heavy-duty cover sits only 3/4" above the truck bed for a sleek look and is easily removable with a single trigger latch release. Featuring tight front and rear seals, our soft roll-up keeps the contents of your bed clean and dry. Made from high-quality leather-grain fabric, this cover is perfect for anyone looking for convenience and durability. 

soft roll-up bed coversoft roll-up bed cover

Soft Tri-Fold Cover

The Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Cover is designed for those looking for quality, functionality, and security. This bed cover features black vinyl with a tri-fold design that offers versatility and is easy to fold when you need more bed access. It's constructed with a lightweight aluminum frame and provides protection once you close and lock the tailgate.  It's designed to fit your truck like a glove and installs quickly, so you'll be back on the road in no time.

soft tri-fold bed coversoft tri-fold bed cover

Hard Tri-Fold Cover

Similar to the soft tri-fold, our hard folding tonneau covers use multiple panels that gradually fold open, providing complete access to the truck bed. If security is the most important factor you are looking for, then a hard tri-fold cover is what you need. The Hard Tri-Fold Cover can be secured with your vehicle's tailgate lock to prevent theft, and its durable aircraft-grade aluminum construction means it can withstand even the roughest conditions. With a sleek flush design, it won't interfere with your truck's functionality or style.

hard tri-fold bed coverhard tri-fold bed cover

Retractable Cover 

Finally, we have the Rough Country’s Retractable Bed Cover which combines the strength and security of a hard-folding cover with the benefit of easier operation. With optimum security and distinct style, this weather-resistant cover is designed and engineered to protect your vehicle from elements and thieves. Keep your contents safe and secure by simply pulling the provided strap to close the cover, and securing with your tailgate lock. It installs in minutes with no drilling required and removes just as easily. The low-profile design shows that you don't have to sacrifice style for security.

retractable bed coverretractable bed cover


Christine Sanchez August 2, 2022

Do you have a soft cover for a 2022 Chevy Colorado?

Rough Country August 3, 2022

Christine, we do have a soft tri-fold cover for the 22 Colorado: Check out for more Chevy accessories!

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