How to Get Your 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner Adventure-Ready

How to Get Your 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner Adventure-Ready

The 2010 to 2024 5th Generation Toyota 4Runner is an extremely capable vehicle right out of the box. However, with a little help, it doesn’t take much to truly unlock serious off-road potential. Rough Country has a wide array of upgrades aimed at increasing the performance and comfort of the 4Runner both on the trail and off. In this article, we are looking at some of the easiest and most worthwhile upgrades designed to make your 4Runner adventure ready.

Lift Kit

An easy way to improve the ride quality of the 4Runner on-road and off is by upgrading the suspension system. For those looking to get the most ground clearance and performance, Rough Country’s 3 Inch Lift Kit with upper control arms is a great option. Not only will this give you room for larger rubber, but the forged aluminum upper control arms are designed to keep factory-like geometry while increasing the range of motion for the ball joint.


Front Bumper

Off-road exploration can be treacherous. To make sure you are prepared for whatever lies ahead, Rough Country designed a hybrid front bumper. This is a sleek, lightweight, and budget-friendly alternative to a traditional full replacement bumper. Not only will you get panels for LED lighting upgrades, but a winch mounting plate is included as well. This means you can upfit the combo with one of RC’s Pro Series winches, giving you the one of the most important tools you can outfit your Toyota with- a self-recovery winch.


Power Running Boards

The 5th Gen 4Runners come from the factory with a fairly tall step-in height. To make your transition in and out easier, Rough Country offers Power Running Boards. These 6-inch-wide boards are illuminated and extend down when the door is open. This presents a much lower step-in height over conventional steps. When the door is closed, the boards retract back near the body. This preserves your ground clearance and offers a clean fit and finish.

Power Running BoardsPower Running Boards

LED Ditch Light Kit

If you want a little help keeping your 4Runner out of the ditch, an LED Ditch Light Kit will help. This bolt-on upgrade will give you two light brackets and 2-inch LED Cubes pumping out 2,880 lumens. They mount at the base of your windshield and do NOT interfere with your washer nozzle or spray pattern. There’s no cutting or drilling required, and the kit includes a flat-wound wiring harness and switch.

LED Ditch Light KitLED Ditch Light Kit

Floor Mats

By far, the easiest way to protect your 4Runners interior is with a set of Floor Mats. Rough Country covers both the front and rear sections of the floor with durable Polyethylene liners that are precision fit for the 5th Gen 4Runner. These eco-friendly liners are easy to clean, have a textured surface to keep feet from slipping and include a Spill Savor Lip to prevent fluid spills from making it to the carpet.

Floor MatsFloor Mats

Tire and Wheel Package

If you’re thinking about moving up in the suspension department, or just want a more off-road-friendly tire and wheel package, Rough Country has plenty of options to choose from. One of the more popular wheels for the 4Runner is the Rough Country 87 Series. The bronze wheel shown comes in a 17x8.5, with a +0MM offset. With 4.75 inches of backspacing, this is a great option for those moving up to a taller and wider tire.

Tire and Wheel PackageTire and Wheel Package

Speedometer Calibration Device

If you do intend on changing tire sizes, you will need to calibrate your speedometer. Rough Country has made this easy with its calibration device currently offered for the 2019 to 2023 model years. Aside from getting your speedometer reading correctly, it will recalibrate your electronic stability control and update the shift points to accommodate for larger tires.

speedometer calibratorspeedometer calibrator


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