Rough Country Cooler Options

Rough Country Cooler Options

Whether you're looking for a cooler fridge that can store food for a couple of days or need something a little smaller like our rugged backpack cooler, we've got you covered. We make coolers for every adventure you have, including your next camping trip, hunting trip, tubing in the river, heading to the beach, or even tailgating at the big game! There's nothing a Rough Country Cooler can't handle.

Backpack Cooler

We've all been there before: a fun day of exploring, hiking, or any of your favorite outdoor activities—you want to stay out there for as long as you can. But after a while, you need a break and something cool to drink. Our Backpack Cooler is just what you need. With durable nylon to protect against punctures and abrasions and leakproof zippers, you can be sure that your food and drinks will stay cold all day long. The side storage pocket gives you quick access to items like a corkscrew or utensils, and the convenient carry straps with shoulder pads make it easy to carry even if you're heading into an off-the-grid area. With room for up to 24 cans, these coolers are great for any outing, no matter where you're going.

backpack coolerbackpack cooler

20 QT Compact Cooler

Our 20 qt cooler is the perfect accessory for your next day trip or picnic, with enough room for a few snacks and beverages for all your friends. This lightweight model boasts superior insulation for maximum ice retention and is scratch- and UV-resistant—plus, it has a leakproof sealing gasket to lock in cold and keep heat out! This versatile cooler also has tie-down slots to attach to your boat or truck bed and even comes with two stainless steel corner locks that double as bottle openers—so you can pop open a cold one wherever the party takes you!

20 qt cooler20 qt cooler

45L Portable Fridge/Freezer

Love camping, but hate the hassle of lugging around an ice chest with melting ice to keep your food fresh? Then our 45L Portable Fridge/Freezer is the right product for you. Equipped with a DC12V/ charger that can be used while traveling and an AC110 for at-home use, this handy cooler has a split compartment design that offers freezer or fridge options. Its built-in LED light helps illuminate the inside in dark places, and its electronic temperature controls let you set the ideal temperature based on your needs. This LG Portable Fridge/Freezer Cooler boasts a cooling range of -4° to 68° F—perfect for keeping food fresh on long road trips or while camping out.

45L portable fridge/freezer45L portable fridge/freezer

50L Portable Refrigerator/Freezer

Our 50L Portable Fridge/Freezer is perfect for those long road trips or relaxing days out in nature. The large capacity allows you to easily store food and drinks for yourself or your entire family. The telescoping handle makes it easy to transport across rough terrain or from one place to another. The built-in LED light offers excellent visibility inside the fridge, so you don't have to search around when looking for a specific item. This fridge easily adjusts temperature using its LED touch display, ensuring you achieve whatever setting is best suited for your items without any hassle or guesswork. This rugged convenient device comes with a shockproof, durable design for rough terrain and a long telescoping handle for easy transport over rough terrain, whether on sand or gravel.

50L Portable Refrigerator/Freezer Rechargable50L Portable Refrigerator/Freezer Rechargable

Cooler Slide-Out Tray

After choosing a cooler, you realize, "Hey, I need this, that, and the other thing to make life easier." Here's where all the accessories come into play. They will take your new cooler to the next level. If you have our 45L Portable Fridge/Freezer, you will want to add the Rough Country Slide-Out Tray. This tray makes accessing your cooler while keeping it secure easy and convenient. It holds up to 250 lbs. and features ball-bearing slides for easy use. The four-durable tie-down straps are included to help keep everything where you placed it.

cooler slide-out traycooler slide-out tray

Solar Panel Recharge Kit

For our 50L Portable Fridge/Freezer, we offer a Solar Recharge Kit. This kit incorporates solar panels and built-in charge protection to prevent overcharging. So for an off-the-grid camping trip, you can power up your RC 50L Cooler without electricity, using the sun's energy!

solar recharge kitsolar recharge kit

Tie-Down Strap Cooler Kit

With our final accessory, you can keep your cooler out of the way and accessible at the same time with our Tie Down Strap Cooler Kit. This kit comes with two tie-down straps and everything you need to install them in your truck or UTV bed. This durable, corrosion-resistant powder-coated mounting system features stainless steel hardware so they can handle the elements all season long.

cooler tie-down strapcooler tie-down strap

There are a lot of different coolers on the market; one size doesn't fit all. Depending on your needs, there is a cooler out there that will be perfect for your adventure. When shopping for a cooler, consider both the activity you want to take it on and the type of food and beverages you'll be storing. We've got something for everyone, from soft-sided backpack coolers to our large solar power 50L hard-sided models that will keep your food and drinks cold for days!

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