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April 5, 2022




The Poser Stand

Do you find it hard to take a good picture of your lifted vehicle? Do you want to increase your street cred and show off your ride to the world? In 2017 Rough Country released a product to solve those problems. The idea behind this genius and fake product was to make your lifted vehicle as dominant as possible in every parking lot by using a portable Poser Stand that allows you to flex one wheel. You can even use it as a step to hop up onto your lifted truck or SUV!

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A year after the release of the Poser Stand, Rough Country cooked up another bogus product. Aimed at helping you impress your friends and add a little flair to your truck, we released the Insta Winch, the useless winch you've been waiting for! This fake hidden winch was designed to trick others into thinking that you have a heavy-duty winch installed on your vehicle. Of course, they don't have to know that it has no use whatsoever.

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Double Parking Mat

In 2019, the problem of tiny parking spaces versus lifted vehicles was finally solved. Parking your truck in the tiny spaces meant for cars is hard enough, but parking is even more difficult when you've got a giant lifted truck. So why not park it in two spots instead of just one? Our Parking Mat will give you back the space you deserve!

LiED Lights

Following the success of the Double-Parking Mat, we proudly introduced our phony LiED lights in 2020. These innovative, fake light pods are an easy way to add a touch of recessed lighting to your vehicle. They're magnetic, so they can attach anywhere you want - no wiring necessary! They're made of cheap plastic and photo-printed backings, so you can have that high-end look on a budget. Add some Rough Country LiED Lights to your next build and be the talk of the town!

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Have you ever tried to cook over a campfire? It's hard work, right? Fortunately, in 2021, we developed a way to eliminate the struggle. We introduced the S.T.I.C.K., the best way for lazy campers to cook! The S.T.I.C.K. is durable and easy to use with an Anodized Aluminum housing and ultra-torque brushless motor. You can put a new spin on cooking over your campfire and enjoy low-effort cooking without sacrificing flavor.

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Rough Crunchies

Rough Crunchies is the perfect cereal for anyone who loves to start their day with a good joke! This April, Fool's product was released this year and continues the tradition of lighthearted fun. Our fake cereal may not fill you up, but it's sure to leave you laughing! 

Are you looking for a taste of adventure? Look no further than Rough Crunchies – the fake cereal that comes with lift kit parts! Surprisingly delicious and shockingly dangerous, our cereal will have your taste buds tingling with excitement! So get your fix of crunchy goodness today. 

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Rough Country may be a serious company when it comes to off-road parts and accessories, but we know how to have a little fun too. That's why we think their April Fool's Day pranks are so successful – they show that our company has a sense of humor and isn't afraid to poke a little fun at themselves. We hope you enjoyed this look back at some of Rough Country's funniest moments, and don't forget to keep an eye out for our next fun fake product!

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